CoastLearn is an internet based distance vocational training package on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). This self-learning tool targets primarily coastal managers and planners working at local, sub-national, and national levels. The secondary target groups are university students and NGOs. While CoastLearn is tailored to the training and technical needs of countries in transition, it has proven to be of value for non-target countries as well. The programme is accessible on-line free of charge.

CoastLearn is divided into thematic modules that can be studied independently. Although not all possible modules have been developed yet, it is already a powerful training tool and a starting point for the ICZM learning process. For those users who want to know more, each module contains a list of related links  and references for further in depth study.

Coastlearn is a multilingual tool, available fully or partly in 13 languages so far. It promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience by providing practical examples and case studies illustrating the most important issues.

CoastLearn is not meant to become a final product. It has continued growing ever after its conception. New modules have being added and existing CoastLearn modules continue updating, upgrading and being translated into new languages. Its development depends on the availability of funding and for that reason some versions are more developed or updated than others. We intend to make efforts to keep CoastLearn growing as long as the need for it persists.



CoasLearn is an initiative of Coastal & Marine Union – EUCC  (Leiden) and
the EUCC Mediterranean Centre (Barcelona), involving a large international partnership




A multimedia distance training package on Integrated Coastal Zone Management


Water Quality Management (New module, August 2012)
Principles of ICZM (updated 2012)
Policy Analysis (updated 2012)
Sustainable Tourism (updated 2012)
Public participation (updated 2012)
Biodiversity (updated 2012)


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