Loss of habitat

The causes of loss of habitats take many forms, for Example:

Example Dalyan area Turkey

Centaurea tchihatchewii. This attractive Centaurea is endemic to certain areas in Central Anatolia. The genus Centaurea is richly represented by about 170 species in Turkey 110 of which are endemic. This species, characterized by peculiarly funnel-shaped marginal flowers with crenata borders, is unique in the genus.

Dalyan area is the second important sea turtle nesting site on the whole Mediterranean coasts. Furthermore it is one of the largest wetland areas in Turkey containing lagoons, a lake and natural water channels. It is situated on the west coast of the Turkish Mediterranean sea.

A tourism project was started on the beach of Iztuzu with the start of a construction of a hotel. The "Turkish Society for the Protection of Nature" acted immediately and started a campaign against this hotel construction both nationally and internationally. The hotel construction has been stopped in 1988 and Dalyan has been declared the first specially protected area in Turkey.

Between 1990-1993 "Nature Information Office" has been active for raising the awareness of local and foreign tourists in the region for the use of the beach and the sea turtles.