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Having reached the end of this module, it is time for a small review.

  • Biodiversity is a concept that has no general definition. Usually it is used in a context that stresses the need for attention on our living environment and the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Biodiversity can be divided in different types such as habitat, species and genetic diversity.
  • The integrated approach used in coastal zone management is an adequate method in dealing with the matter of biodiversity.
  • The problems and benefits of biodiversity are many. They focus on the need for sustainable development and adequate use of coastal resources.
  • Loss of biodiversity and biodiversity conservation are concepts that provide the basis for biodiversity management.
  • The management of biodiversity is a complex matter that needs the involvement of many different partners ranging from governmental organisations to private companies, NGO's and volunteers. This aside, national and international commitment, legislation and enforcement offer an essential framework for promoting and maintaining biodiversity.

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