Zoning in Turkey
Cited from Ozhan 1996: The law gives definitions of the 'shoreline' and the 'shore'. The 'shoreline' is defined as: 'the line along which water touches the land at the shores of seas, natural orartificial lakes, and rivers, excluding the inundation periods'. The 'shore is the area between the shoreline and the 'shore ege line', which is defined as 'the natrual limit of the sand beach, gravel beach, rock, boulder, marsh, wetland and similar areas, which are created by water motions in the direction of land starting from the shoreline'. [...] The 'shore strip' is set to have a minimum of 100m width horizontally, starting from the 'shore edge line'. 

It is illegal 'to excavate the shore, and to mine sand, gravel etc. at scales which may case changes at theshore'. Soil, furnace ballast, debris, or wastes are forbidded to be dumped at the shore and the shore strip.

On the shore, subject to a land use planning permit: (1) infrastructural and other facilities such as pier, port, harbor, berthing structure, quay, breakwater, bridge, seawall, lighthouse, boat lift, dry berthing and storage facility, salt production plant, fisher installations, treatment plant and pumping statin, which aim either shore protectin or utilization of the shore for public interest: (2) buildings and facilities like shipyards, ship dismantling plants, fish farming-mariculture-facility, which cannot be located inland due to nature of the activites, can be built

In the first 50m width of the shore strip (Zone A), aport from those which can also be built on the shore, no building of any kind is allowed. This area can only be planned and used for 'pedestrian access, walking, relaxing, sight seeing and recreational purposes'. In the remaining part of the shore strip (Zone B), roads, recreational and tourism facilities (other than those which offer boarding) open to public use, and public waste treamtment plants can be built, subject to a land use planning permit.

Across the shore and the shore strip, building of barriers which hinder free access, such as walls, fences (wooden or wire), ditches, piles, or similar is prohibited.

The Law describes the procedure for determining the shore edge line for a specific location.