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Environmental auditing (EA)

Environmental auditing is a "management tool comprising a systematic, documented, periodic and objective evaluation of how well environmental organisations, management and equipment are performing with the aim of helping to safeguard the environment" (ICC, 1989) (more).

EA represents a proactive approach, which adoption enables tourist companies not only to comply with legislation but also to identify problems, take measures, evaluate environmental performance, become eco-efficient, provide a database for future (corrective) action and therefore they have the opportunity to increase their competitiveness.

EA brings a number of benefits: prevention of fines and penalties (due to ensured compliance with legislation), public image improvement, increase awareness of environmental policies and responsibilities among all the personnel, cost reduction (for example in the area of energy and water use and waste minimization) and improvement in overall quality (find more).



The Green Audit Kit -

This kit introduces a range of easy to follow actions that tourism enterprises can take to invest in their business and in the environment.



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