Some EU funds for ICZM activities

LIFE is a financial instrument for three major areas of action : Environment, Nature and Third Countries. While all three areas aim to improve the environment, each has its specific priorities. LIFE dates back to 1992. The first phase was completed in 1992-1995 and the second phase is now continuing. Before LIFE, a number of financial instruments provided support to actions in the field of environment. ACE, MEDSPA, NORSPA are only a few of them.
The European Regional Development Fund and Cohesian Fund:
ERDF resources are mainly used to cofinance: productive investment leading to the creation or maintenance of jobs; infrastructure; local development initiatives and the business activities of small and medium-sized enterprises. In practice, all development areas are covered: transport, communication technologies, energy, the environment, research and innovation, social infrastructure, training, urban redevelopment and the     conversion of industrial sites, rural development, the fishing industry, tourism and culture. The ERDF includes funds like: TERRA, INTERREG, Urban. The Cohesion Fund finances projects designed to improve the environment and develop transport infrastructure in Member States whose per capita GNP is below 90% of the Community average. In this way it contributes to sustainable development in the Member States oncerned as well as strengthening cohesion in the European Union.

For other funding possibilities, have a look at the list published by the DG Environment of the EU.