COSMOBIO (COastal zone Simulation Model BIOdiversity)
The structure of COSMO-BIO and the approach to ICZM analysis has been derived from the 'COSMO-line'.

Enthusiastic reactions from the participants, many of whom were senior civil servants who had not worked with computer based DSS before, have led to wider use as well as the further development of a family of decision support tools based on the same principles.

The development has proceeded since COSMO-BIO (developed in 1995). Newer tools are no longer training tools, but can be used for real decision-making. New features are the incorporation of GIS-applications and the supply of a standard interface, a rapid assessment tool and a methodology to deal with different estuaries or coastal zones.

In COSMO-BIO, coastal zone management plans are formulated, analysed and evaluated for a hypothetical study area (Whale Bay). It shows the interdependency of the users and the processes in the coastal zone. The multi disciplinary and dynamic character of ICZM is shown. It has special attention to the role of marine biodiversity and sea level rise. COSMO-BIO allows thorough investigation of the problems and issues in an area and an interactive simulation of the policy process. Knowledge is easily accessed and communication on analysis results to decision makers is supported.

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