Did you know that?

  1. Tourism activities in DDBR are authorized by the Regulation, Licenses Department within DDBRA.
  2. Tourists access in DDBR is allowed only on the basis of an access permit, issued by DDBRA Tulcea and is conditioned by the payment of an access fee. The access permit is issued by the Regulation, Licenses Dept. of DDBRA Tulcea.
  3. Tourism in RBDD is allowed only along the approved routes. The tourists have no access to strictly protected areas. Access in the adjacent areas to the established routes is allowed on the basis of a requested authorization from the Regulation, Licenses Dept. of DDBRA, for a limited time period.
  4. The Biosphere Reserve Authority recommends employment of DDBR specialized guides on the approved routes.
  5. DDBRA recommends utilization of small capacity boats with electric propulsion for the transport of tourist groups.
  6. Access on other routes than the main ones is allowed only with row boats.
  7. The recommended speed limit for the tourist transport boats is of 10 Km/ hour.
  8. The environmental authorization for hotels, bungalows and camping is issued by DDBRA.
  9. Camping is allowed only in areas designated for this purpose.
  10. The floating hotels used for tourists accommodation and transport in the reserve must be endowed with dejection storing tanks and containers for domestic wastes. This will be stored or evacuated outside the reserve in special arranged places.
  11. For the tourist transportation boats is obligatory the endowment with special wastes and garbage collecting systems.
  12. Individual tourists must remove outside the reserve all the plastic, paper, metal or glass wraps in which they brought their food supplies.
  13. DDBRA calls tourists attention especially on the drowning danger and ill-taking risk by using under boiled water for consumption.
  14. Tourists access in bird colonies and disturbance of solitary nests and young ones is prohibited.
  15. DDBRA recommends the utilization of the birdwatching towers and special shelters built in this purpose.
  16. It is forbidden to pick up any kind of plants.
  17. Tree-cutting is not allowed for tourists.
  18. Angling is organized by the legal constituted fishing associations and is allowed only in the approved areas.
  19. Hunting is organized only by the legal constituted hunting associations in the hunting areas authorized by DDBRA.
  20. Any other additional information you can obtain by visiting the DDBRA Information and Visitor Centers from Crisan, Sulina and Tulcea.