In 1993 Resource Analysis and the Coastal Zone Management Centre of the National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management developed COSMO and CORONA to raise the awareness of integrated coastal zone management issues for the decision makers participating in the World Coast Conference '93.

CORONA is a training tool for ICZM courses, seminars or workshops. CORONA will usually be used together with COSMO. While COSMO focuses on ICZM planning over a twenty-year period, CORONA, in a way, takes over where COSMO ends in the sense that players in CORONA can be thought to implement a coastal zone management plan such as analysed and selected in COSMO.

The players of CORONA are confronted with the fact that there is usually not one single entity that takes all decisions necessary to implement a coastal zone management plan. Rather, the implementation of a plan depends on the institutional arrangements that are operational in a specific coastal zone system. That is, who or which agency or organisation is responsible for what and what is their mandate to try to achieve their objectives?

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