COSMO (COastal zone Simulation MOdel)

In 1993 Resource Analysis and the Coastal Zone Management Centre of the National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management developed COSMO and CORONA to raise the awareness of integrated coastal zone management issues for decision makers participating in the World Coast Conference '93.

COSMO shows the main steps in the preparation, analysis and evaluation of Coastal Zone Management plans. The program is an interactive tool that allows coastal zone managers to explore the impacts of development projects and environmental and coastal protection measures. COSMO calculates various criteria, including long-term effects of climate change, reflecting different use of the coastal zone.

Simulation of CZM problems takes place in the fictional territory of Catopia, a developing region situated along the waters of Catfish Bay. In the first round, one can explore several predefined cases. In the second round, the user can specify new development scenarios and combinations of measures.

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