COZMIS (Coastal Zone Management Information System) COZMIS (Coastal Zone Management Information System) is designed to bring together all kind of information for a specific study area. All information is integrated and visualized by means of a map. The geographic interface assures easy and intuitive access to the information.

Information about all kinds of phenomena can be stored in COZMIS for the area of study. In the context of COZMIS we call such a phenomenon an object. An example is the information about a certain wastewater discharge point. This wastewater discharge point is an object. The object is represented in two ways. A marker on a map represents the objects position in the real world, whereas a card holds the descriptive information about the object (e.g. its name and the amount of waste water discharge). The card is a database that can be adjusted and extended depending on the available information. The card of an object can contain one or more links to other documents that hold more information about that specific object, e.g. a spreadsheet containing measured concentrations of a certain substance.

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