DR-EIA compares project data with relevant rules, regulations and procedures for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to determine whether or not a formal EIA is required (screening). It uses expert knowledge to identify prospective bio-physical and socio-economic impacts of project activities (scoping). Finally, it facilitates formulation of a Terms of Reference for an EIA report.

Figure 3-3 DR-EIA helps you comparing and assessing projects or actions on their environmental impacts, using a large set of regulations and guidelines, as well as expert knowledge

DR-EIA offers the project proponent a dependable approach to the assessment of potential environmental impacts by systematically drawing on expert knowledge. It raises the efficiency of the assessment, while assuring its consistency and comprehensiveness, and serves the interests of the competent authority and financier by providing better information

DR-EIA is a global project. Local centers of EIA expertise maintain their own knowledge bases and software packages and provide support to DR-EIA users. The instrument is thereby tuned into a locally adapted version to suit specific local user needs.

See for more information http://www.dr-eia.org