FISHMAN is an instructive simulation game: a combination of a simulation model and a role play. The simulation model consists of a computerised tool combining fisheries and economic models, and is used in a role play facilitated by a game leader. FISHMAN centres on the fisheries activities in the imaginary setting of the country País Pesces.

The objective of FISHMAN is to show crucial dilemmas related to international fisheries management. The game is developed on the basis of several "starting conditions", which determine the different outcomes.

The role-play includes many relevant functions, and enables each player to perceive the common fisheries resources according to characteristics that are typical for each stakeholder (e.g. government, small fishermen, industrial fishing companies, pressure groups). The play then encourages the participants to pursue their objectives, using role-specific means to achieve them. As a stakeholders attempt to reach their goals, they are confronted with a typical range of dilemmas, but their actions are ultimately bounded by the limited common fisheries resources.

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