STREAM (Spatial Tools for River basins and Environment and Analysis of Management options) is an integrated river basin management tool based on GIS techniques for the purpose of analysing and developing management strategies in large transboundary river basins.

STREAM is an instrument for river basin studies with emphasis on management aspects. It can be used to assess the present water availability in the basin and compare these to future demands of water resources. It furthermore enables the analysis of water resource related 'issues and processes' in a river basin by identifying key interrelated water resource issues.

STREAM is built around a spatial distributed hydrological model, simulating the water balance. Current modules comprise saltwater intrusion in the delta, an ecological module for mangrove habitats and socio-economic scenario development. The raster GIS based model allows for the analysis of vulnerability to exogenous influences such as climate change and human interventions such as de- and afforestation, irrigation and dredging.

STREAM is used to assess the impacts of changes on the natural resources of the basin and the use of these resources by the population within the basin.

So far STREAM models have been developed for the Rhine, Ganges-Brahmaputrea-Meghna, Zambezi, Niger, Nile and Yangtse riverbasins.

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