1. Project initiator

Pesisir Tropicana  is a fictive region in a fictive developing country. Improvements in the economic structure are therefore of prime priority. So the project initiator is responsible for the economic structure of the Pesisir Tropicana region.
This is normally the responsibility of public authorities at various levels: municipality, provinces, state.

As indicated at the start of the exercise, a loan of the World Bank is available for improving the (economic) conditions. So, also (a representative of) the World Bank could be the project initiator. In other words, there is a wide range of (combinations of) project initiators possible.

For this exercise, we assume that a combination of "Regional Authorities" have the task to improve the economic structure of the region.

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2. Aspects

Among others, the following aspects are of relevance:

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3. Future developments

Possibilities for future developments are, amongst others:

  1. Urban expansion. The population will grow. These people need to be given proper shelter and sanitary facilities in new urban areas, which can be located either in the existing urban area or in a new residential area along the beach;
  2. A new port. This is a requirement for industrial expansion: to increase the export of cassiterite (tin-ore) from the tin mines along the Kali Migraine (currently the cassiterite is exported through the small commercial harbour of Portharbor). This will create a lot of jobs and opportunities, but will also have a negative impact on the environment;
  3. Industrial expansion, which especially refers to expanding tin-mining. A lot of jobs will be created, but also a lot of extra pollution (heavy metals) will be introduced. To limit this., tailing treatment plants are needed;
  4. Tourist facilities, as to stimulate the regional economy and to boost foreign exchange earnings. Energy and water supply will have to be introduced, but also new hotels. Possibilities are near Cape Rock and Hilly Villy. However, also some pollution will be introduced;
  5. Development of aquaculture, as to improve local employment and food production. Aquaculture will have high financial output, but only a limited number of jobs will be generated;
  6. Agricultural development, through:
  7. Creation of a national marine reserve in Bay Teluk, as to protect the coral reefs from the negative effects of increased economic activities (industrial, agricultural, aquacultural, and urban development), as well as to promote eco-tourism. However, it will demand for limited growth of all other activities up to a certain extent;
  8. Waste water treatment plants, as to reduce pollution (E-coli, heavy metals) in Bay Teluk (it is difficult to control phosphates, as these originate from diffuse agricultural sources);
  9. Flood control, like dike improvements.
  10. Higher wages for local government employees, as to combat corruption;
  11. More police to decrease the criminality rates.

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4. Physical boundaries

In this exercise it is rather straightforward to take the Pesisir Tropicana area as indicated on the map.

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5. Disciplines

The following disciplines are of relevance for the analysis:

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6. Possible stakeholders

Possible stakeholders are (representatives of) those who have interest in the proposed developments.  In principal, interest groups originate from:


For the exercise, we have identified the following stakeholders:

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7. Decision maker(s)

The project initiator should indicate who should make the decision:


In this exercise we assume that the stakeholders will make a decision, based on the information you will provide as project analyst.

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8. Indicators

Possible indicators (units in between brackets) are:


Actually, before the indicators (and the zero situation) can be defined, there should be an idea about the desired situation. For instance, is employment the main objective of the project, or environmental aspects?

For this exercise, we restrict the investment possibilities to the following sectors:


The indicators needed are (units are indicated in between brackets):

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9. Zero situation

Sector Economic value per year
(in MUlc)
Number of jobs Remarks
Tin-mining 100 15,000 No on site treatment of cassiterite
Agriculture 55 60,000

Fishing 30 30,000 6000 boats
Aquaculture - -

Tourism 15 7,500

Other 100 56,000

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10. Desired situation

In this stage, the desired situation for Pesisir Tropicana can only be described in vague terms. Undoubtedly, the general aim of the possible investment of 800 MUlc is to improve the socio-economic and ecological situation as optimally as possible:

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