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First read more on the problems in Pesisir Tropicana.

Problem orientation

1. List possible project initiators (Answer)
2. Which aspects of Pesisir Tropicana do you consider of relevance for the analysis. (Answer)
3. List possible project options in broad terms. (Answer)

Problem delimitation
4. What are the physical boundaries of Pesisir Tropicana. (Answer)
5. Which disciplines are relevant to be included in the analysis. (Answer)
6. Who are possible stakeholders: (Answer)
  • within the Region
  • outside the Region
7. Who will take the decision on investment. (Answer)

Problem definition
8. Identify indicators needed for the zero-situation of Pesisir Tropicana. (Answer)
9. Describe systematically the zero-situation of PT. (Answer)
10. Describe the desired situation of PT. (Answer)