Environmental impact assessments

Environmental impact assessment perhaps more than any other toll empowers the people of the Netherlands to have input in environmental decision making in coastal matters. There is an elaborate rule of the order of projects that cannot be executed unless a satisfactory environmental impact assessment is done. Under such laws, the people are to be consulted, notices are to be placed, public hearing are to be conducted and the result must be made known in a readable format. The result gives an indication of what methods were used in conducting the assessments, the alternatives to executing the project, including the zero alternatives, which is the situation if nothing is done. Also to be considered in the impact assessment is the nature and mode of compensation of people that may suffer harm as a result of the execution of the project. The set up of an EIA, the drafts and final reports can be discussed in public. In that way the people are extensively involved in planning execution and monitoring of the project. Environmental impact covers policies, regulations and projects.