Project Understanding and Reduction of Public Opposition

Real participation will help to reach a broad public support for the final plan and reduce the public opposition in the execution phase of the project. In contrast, late or inefficient public participation leads to opposing the project.

For example, in Turkey, because environmental impact assessment procedures were not efficiently conducted before investment decisions and works started immediately, major problems arose for local people, farmers, citizens and investors in eastern Black Sea region. Many hydroelectric power plants were built without a proper EIA and participatory process. This caused many investments to be protested an encounter legal obstacles which led to the paralysing  of the works and cancellation of the investment. Proper participation of stakeholders would have help to take proper decisions and to reduce public opposition, assuring a smooth implementation of investments.

Public consultation, participation and involvement in the early stages of the project can prevent the dissemination of rumours and the rise of negative perceptions which are very difficult to change once they take root.