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Major objectives of public participation in the ICZM, are the following:

  • ensuring that popular knowledge and experience is indeed integrated into the planning and management process;
  • guaranteeing for the quality of the solution identified and for its adaptation to a particular condition;
  • adequate planning and problem identification promoting involvement in the actual implementation of decisions;
  • ensuring the needs and priorities of the public in the formulation of management decisions.

    (after Renard 1986)

Key principles of public participation for ICZM initiatives are as follows:

  • programmes should provide adequate opportunity for the active involvement of all stakeholders, direct and indirect, and the wider community;
  • the process should be open and transparent, conducted in a fair and impartial manner on the basis of shared information, data, and knowledge, using all suitable media; some conflict should be expected and managed;
  • wherever possible, stakeholders should participate responsibly in proceedings on behalf of their organisations, working towards collective agreements and actions; good leaders are essential;
  • every effort should be made to win political support and work closely with existing local institutions;
  • suitable mechanisms should be tailored to local circumstances, issues, and the needs of all participants, focused on consensus building;
  • participants should commit themselves to a long term vision for the sustainable coast, recognising their diversity of interests and working together in a process of shared learning;
  • participation should not be focused on problem solving alone, but also at securing opportunities for economic prosperity and conservation compatible with wider sustainable development goals

A bird’s eye view of the city of Sinop from Turkish Aeronautical Association

Coastal reeds in the Eastern Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea ( BFN)

Vessel wrecks in the Russian segment of the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea ( BFN)


Choose what is not the key principles of public participation for ICZM initiatives:
a) all participants should be focused on consensus building
b) participants should be ready to commit themselves in order to achieve a long term vision for the sustainable coast
c) participants should be focused on recognizing their diversity
d) participants should strive for all possibilities to win political support