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Positive Negative

Powerful economic reason to preserve natural areas in order to continue to reap economic benefits from tourism and in particular eco-tourism (e.g. bird and whale watching).


Biodiversity is deteriorating because sustainable forms of economic activities as traditional agriculture are abandoned.

Changing peoples attitudes towards the resource, both amongst the tourists themselves and the communities that host them. The former may be educated on the value and importance of the resource and whereas the latter may see the resource as having increasing economic value.


Overcrowding together with the construction of buildings and infrastructure can adversely affect the cultural environment and despoiled destinations become less attractive.
More financial income which might enable the funding of conservation.

Misuse of natural resources as water and for non-essential uses. Physical habitat destruction and disturbance can result in biodiversity loss and tourism can also be a significant agent adding stresses already imposed upon fragile coastal resources.


Tourism development may hold back industrial and urban development due to the conflict between the two. Pollution resulting from inadequate disposal or pressure on natural ecosystems.