Role of NGO's

NGO play a vital role in coastal tourism management.

Their tasks are:

  • Ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are taken into account
  • Initiating consumer societies
  • In cooperation with academics, journalists, regulators, NGOs can contribute to the development of policies and plans for the coastal tourism industry
  • Assist the government in developing a standard for responsible tourism
  • Assist the government, private sector and communities in implementing, monitoring and evaluating responsible tourism
  • Attract funding from donor agencies to develop specific community-based tourism projects
  • Assist communities and community groups in organising themselves, preparing themselves for tourism and implementing tourism projects
  • Assist the government in conducting tourism and environmental awareness programmes among communities and the tourism industry at large
  • Liaise between the private sector and communities to generate more community involvement in the tourism sector and stronger private sector commitment deliver education, training and bridging courses to local communities